Lincoln - 254 - 12.01.17 - Who's the #1 Mascot pt 2

Hosted by Downtown, it features seven other owarai geinin (comedians) in its regular cast, and has several recurring younger, more inexperienced comedians as guests.
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The boys are back from their winter vacation! In this episode, they finish off the Who's the #1 Mascot competition and discuss one of Hotohara's health problems. Enjoy everyone!!
:O!! Thank you Spikebender!
Konya ga yamada!!
No prob Yakarin! Just glad you enjoy it.
I laughed out loud in all the mascot's part (even when I could scarscely understand a few words), this idea was simply genious, :p. I'm sure the other part of the episode must be hilarous as well if you understand everything they are saying.

Thank you so much again, you made my day :bow:
Konya ga yamada!!
^ i dunno, i understand fine but these health-related segments really bore me lately.
reup please mister spike!! megaupload has been sealed
I will be reuploading all my videos, but it takes time. I am working on the Gamecenter CX vids first, then I will move on to Lincoln. For now, please use the youku link.
dear all gaki members,
can somebody mirror this on Mediafire?
i'm dying to see this! Thank you in advance.
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