Lincoln - 234 - 11.07.05 - Dress Up Bus Ride 2

Hosted by Downtown, it features seven other owarai geinin (comedians) in its regular cast, and has several recurring younger, more inexperienced comedians as guests.
The boys are back to play dress up once again in the Dress Up Bus Ride. Enjoy.
is there subs or is there a waiting time
thx spike, thats make my day ;)
for refreshing, this is pic of host from the program (tbs announcer), Takeuchi Kanae.
enjoy! :inlove:
Oh my god, I never laughed that hard in years..... seriously, I haven't. Last activity, when I imagined the last guy that had to do it do it, the image in my head was correct. I was freaking DYING. That was the funniest thing I have ever seen. xDDD
Can we get a re-upload of this? Thanks! :)
Yukito wrote:
Can we get a re-upload of this? Thanks! :)!uxByzZRZ!V2MCHyP4DABEZmyBrS-7xg