[ENG-Sub] A few short early Lincoln clips

Hosted by Downtown, it features seven other owarai geinin (comedians) in its regular cast, and has several recurring younger, more inexperienced comedians as guests.
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Hello. Because I've been watching some Lincoln lately, I subbed a few *very* short clips (~2 min long) that I found interesting/funny/doable for me to try to softly introduce some friends into Japanese comedy via Twitter.

I'm really into Summers right now and I've always liked Miyasako, so that's what I have to share this time. If you're like me and have been trying to work through watching Lincoln episodes you probably have seen all these already, but hey, maybe there's a few who haven't yet and would enjoy these.

Lincoln #005 2006.05.02)
Summers Bad Breath Check
Summers Bad Breath Check - Ameagari + Downtown cut (ENG)

Lincoln #015 (2006.02.14)
Hidden Taxi - Miyasako cut - Miyasako demonstrates how comedians should behave in an uncomfortable taxi situation.

Lincoln #023 (2005.11.15)
Summers - Elevator

**Lastly, I just wanted to get it out there that if you want to translate anything with Ameagari's Miyasako Hiroyuki in it and need a timer/typesetter, I'm willing to help. Let me know!**
Thanks a lot for these! :bow:
You're welcome!

I did a bit more. I wasn't really planning to share them here but here they are if anyone does want to check them out. They're extra rough because I just wanted to tweet about the clips really quickly.

Lincoln #166 (2009.08.25)
Mimura helps Ootake with the baby - Mimura comes to help Ootake with the baby but just the two interacting makes them Summers!

Lincoln #193 (2010.05.11)
Hamada's Frog - Miyasako is excited Hamada guesses the topic for drawing as "frog" correctly.. until he sees Hamada's idea of a frog.
For me personally, these subs are of great value. I recently binge-watched all the Lincoln's up until 2010 (still busy with the rest)
Got greater insight in the workings of the series. Your subs are like a cherry on the pie. Thanks!
Oh, I'm so glad! I am binge-watching Lincoln as well! (as you can probably tell.. clipping and adding subs to parts I especially liked) I've watched a bit here and there before, but I want to try to watch most of them in order. It really is my favorite show. Shout out to unos for compiling all the episodes in a Mega folder.

Lincoln #307 (2013.06.18)
Here's a short one from the Thank You Lincoln game. I only got 3 minutes in before I was bowling over in laughter. I really like this episode and I'd like to try and sub the whole thing if I can.
Yep, Unos' Mega Pack is the gold.
Thanks for the short sub of #307 :bow:
I cut two short parts from Lincoln vs. Owarai7 with Miyasako that I felt like doing 'cause I like Miyasako.

Lincoln #093 (2007.12.11)
Comedy7 confrontation + Delivery half-pipe (Miyasako cut)

I didn't finish the ep ctually so maybe there are more parts I wanna do!
I got another one done today. I chose some parts from the Otake's 41th Birthday Organization episode that I thought were funny. They reference two Lincoln episodes that have been subbed, Classroom with Kojima Yoshio and Classroom with Ariyoshi Hiroiki. If you've seen those two, that might make this more fun 'cause you'll know who they are, maybe.

Lincoln #134 (2008.12.02)
Otake's 41th birthday party organization (selected cuts)
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