[subbed] Talking About Adult DVDs with Fujimoto Miki

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Fujimoto Miki (singer/idol) disucsses finding 50 adult DVDs in her fiance's room.

You Tube link
Great job dynasty!
lolololol cant believe that guy was married lol nice upload :)
its private
It went private, someone must do something about it ...
wtf? I don't like to be forced to sign in to YT :finger:
Can't view the vid but heres a picture from it.

That was cruel what she did, pure evil.
We want the video.. :@
Can anyone upload this to megaupload/rapidshare etc?
http://J-Show.info - A Torrent Tracker Dedicated To Gaki No Tsukai
If the video is private i bet its an Awesome vid...
And someone ain't to friendly about sharing it...
:swear: :swear: :swear: :swear: :swear: :swear: :swear: :swear:
dude.... wtf, at least say what show/what date so i can go get it on H!O
venomqo wrote:
dude.... wtf, at least say what show/what date so i can go get it on H!O

I don't know the information you're asking for.

I didn't sub or post the video to You Tube. I simply stumbled on it.

The You Tube poster is named "gokigokijet1". His You Tube page is here.

anyone know what date the episode was aired?
Thanks for the channel and I didnt find anything. :shake:
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