Well, i did what i could, hope you enjoy it.
Thanks gojinki for reviewing it.

If anyone have the sketch in a better quality please let me know.

Thank you very much! :flowers:

Great subs! Love Aho Aho Man! :)

Awesome to see a new subber in the business! Verry funny to see matsumoto with a face full of poo :D

was that real poop??? LOL
really enjoyed this clip! thanks to Hidensetsu! your efforts are really appreciated... :clap:
MORE!!! :)

It had to be chocolate or mud, no way it was real poop. Great job Hidensetsu!


i had only seen this with out subs before and it was my favorite aho aho man then. now that it has subs, it remains my favorite aho aho man. Thanks Hidensetsu! :clap:

LOL the dog was randomly hilarious it just comes in, poop, and get out hahaha

great! thanks hidensetsu...
:D :D :D :D-» :poop: :poop:

thx a lot ^^
Great subs!
Download from (MEGA) :

Aho Aho Man 14.avi (19.3 MB)
https://mega.co.nz/#!zdBH0TxS!deFBMH1Uq ... 0dKGYTRKnQ