Matsumoto's Psychic Powers (subbed)

"you can't speak Japanese" - You said it - end of story, cunt. :D

Since you feel the need to come back and post you obviously do care, and it's obviously not a claim since I have subbed and it is uploaded. I do know there is a difference between being offended and displaying rank contempt, the latter is called bragging and makes you look like an ass.

Funny thread

Extremely funny thread. Look at the little tyke go. You know I think you are enjoying yourself even more than I am. You came in here with your hackles raised demanding attention and we delivered. But you know this is getting boring already. All you can do is insult either of us with is incompetence. Soo scary. Please if you are going to try to insult me again, use a better argument. Or at least use a different one when insulting two different people. Come on be creative. This could be soo much fun if you would try a tad bit harder. See you in a week, hairy boy.

Oh poo, he ran off. Darn.