Manzai re-uploaded

Ok, I fixed the link of the subs and the video, I don't know why they got messed up. Thanks for the heads up fudex! Thanks for the mirror calobest, I'll add your mirror in the links :)
Someone can tell me how to put srt or ass files on that video and save then with video+subtitles???like a convert toghether..thanks!
I use total video converter, but there are many programs that can do the trick
can you send me that program and teach me how to use it?
You can download the program on the web:

Then, you just add the video, it asks you the format you want, you can pick any format or if you don't know which, just pick the same from the original video. Then, you click on filter and add the subs. Finally, just click on convert.

It messes up the color of the subs, but I haven't worked out a solution because I rarely hard-sub. You can also try with virtualdub, it's a bit slower, but it's quite popular.