Matsumoto talks about good things Hamada did

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I cann't stop laugh. lol
A name has a power. Whether or not it is alive, if it beras a name, it has the ability to call upon the same power as the one who has that name.

hahahah, just one awesome scene. So simple but funny as hellXD
In the end... Heipo beats them all

Downtown is the best AB training out there.
Alfred, is there a chance you could upload a download link? I had a virus and lost most of y gaki videos :(... :bow:
Konya ga yamada!!
yo yakarin, i found some..can watch/download it at this site :
but...the quality is not that good.. :bow:
Thank you iwan :D, I was able to rescue many videos :D, although, sadly the talk about Hamada doing good things wasn't there :p

Arigatou gozaimasu! :bow:
Konya ga yamada!!

sorry guys , I am a newbie, but can you explain me what is this text above
is it a link to the video or what?

how could i see the video??
It's not there anymore, durahanx.
So... is there anybody that saved a backup of this one? I'd really love you if you could share it, I almost lost anything from the disk error but Gaki videos D: ... XD
Konya ga yamada!!
i do have that video but unfortunately i converted it to fit for my psp so, you can guess how the quality is.. :bow:
Well, guess that's better than nothing XD... if anybody has the raw video in good quality I'd gladly make the .ass file with the help of the original translation :p
Konya ga yamada!!
This is what we have at the moment:

Has Hamada done anything good
It looks pretty good, thank you so much iwan. I uploaded a better quality version of the McDonald's talk in case you're interested, btw :)
Konya ga yamada!!
Yakarin wrote:
.. I uploaded a better quality version of the McDonald's talk in case you're interested, btw :)

Yes, I'm interested. Thank you
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