(Subbed) Boke and Tsukkomi

Hi! This is my first attempt at subbing and I decided to sub this particular free talk by Downtown, where they reversed their roles. Hope you guys will like it!

Boke and Tsukkomi: http://youtu.be/yjVMn_Q_DQ8
Nice vid, very funny. I can't comment on the translations because I can't speak nihongo but it still made sense in english at least. If I could speak Japanese I'd join the subbing force, but alas..
Nicely done sir. I've never seen that skit before and it was a fun watch. I enjoyed seeing them change styles for a moment, albeit, was a little strange, lol.
Download from (MEGA) :

(Subbed) Boke and Tsukkomi.mp4 (26.8 MB)
https://mega.co.nz/#!PYZE2ZQC!IHBZPDOmU ... C83N0tpfdk