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U understand right but ....
That was cockroach not spider.
Sefidum wrote:
Just watched the 9:th dvd. There is one part (at 8:26-16:02) where it appears (as far as I can tell with next to no verbal understanding of japanese) that Matsumoto talks about him sitting at the toilet taking a c'**p. He sees a huuuge spider and goes after it with the toilet brush. "Like a samurai". Spider runs out of toilet and hides in the carpet. Matsumoto goes after and whacks it. Spider dead bur poop on carpet. Matsumoto seems to have a serious ick about poop so he and Hamada discuss why he apparently had trouble getting the poop out of the carpet. Somewhere at the end he seems to say something the like of that when he whacked the spider he also saw another one in the room and he says that that spider looked at him sideways and was like oh-oh!. Hamada whacks because Matsumoto can´t have seen the spider turn its head since the head is facing downwards.

Have I understood the whole thing correctly? (those of you who understand japanese) ^_^

My bad, he talks about a cockroach :o

Aaaanyhow. Go watch. It was hilarious. As usual, but this was more fun for me since I sort of understood what they were saying and what they were talking about.
can you reupload the files, i really want them
Bricktop07 spent me only these following links. Sorry :bow:

Edit :
Gaki no tsukai dvd7 - talk ... k.avi.html
*poke, poketi-poke with a stick* Still no one who has the missing dvd`s? ;(
I would like to see these dvds, can someone reupload the dvds?
Please?! :)
can somebody please kindly re-up all these links? thanks before :) :)
Downtown Talk (Manzai) DVD (without 6,10,12 :( )