Downtown Talk (Manzai) DVD Download

does it have subs?

No subs :unsure:
Seeeds my frends !!:)

Is there a possibility that someone will sub these anytime? Cause a lot of fans would appreciate that.

DVD 01

DVD 02

DVD 03

DVD 04

DVD 05

DVD 06

DVD 07

DVD 08

DVD 09

DVD 10

DVD 11

DVD 12

DVD 13

Huge thanks to Blargoh

I cant get Veoh to work. It just loads for ages.

Originally posted by Nehain
I cant get Veoh to work. It just loads for ages.

It's either your speed is low, you need Veoh Web Player, AND(or) each videos are nearly 2 hours long which leaves you with trying to be more patient as it loads.

i agree , it would be great to sub the downtown talks , i''ve knew gaki no from high school batsu game and the talks

Oh!! Sorry my friends... But i have a one-single-downloadable-link in MU for this one:


Sorry for the delay! :unsure:
Agreed it would be awesome to have subs from this talks!
:O!!! Wow, you're the best bricktop07!! :D
Just watched the 9:th dvd. There is one part (at 8:26-16:02) where it appears (as far as I can tell with next to no verbal understanding of japanese) that Matsumoto talks about him sitting at the toilet taking a c'**p. He sees a huuuge spider and goes after it with the toilet brush. "Like a samurai". Spider runs out of toilet and hides in the carpet. Matsumoto goes after and whacks it. Spider dead bur poop on carpet. Matsumoto seems to have a serious ick about poop so he and Hamada discuss why he apparently had trouble getting the poop out of the carpet. Somewhere at the end he seems to say something the like of that when he whacked the spider he also saw another one in the room and he says that that spider looked at him sideways and was like oh-oh!. Hamada whacks because Matsumoto can´t have seen the spider turn its head since the head is facing downwards.

Have I understood the whole thing correctly? (those of you who understand japanese) ^_^

Aaaanyhow. Go watch. It was hilarious. As usual, but this was more fun for me since I sort of understood what they were saying and what they were talking about.
I know little japanese, but I agree with you, and i made me laugh a lot too! :D