What if Hamada Died Tomorrow?


Subbed by ockg814 (Thanks!)

matsumoto is such a charmer :lol:

Hamada didn't know how to react :inlove:

Either 'oh gosh, you've made me feel bashful' or 'damn right you can't'.

Ha, that is adorable. Imagining Matsumoto without Hamada is like imagining Endou cooking without Frisk.

I think every member of Gaki would love to imagine Endo cooking without Frisk.

best duo evarrr!!

i couldnt imagine them separate either!

Awww Matsumoto was so sweet! ^_^

I can't imagine these two apart either!

aww that was a really sweet thing to say! :inlove:

and i agree with the others, if those two break their friendship............

i will personaly go to Japan to get those two together again! :D

lol ok not really, but if i could i would soooo do it!
my eye went teary after watching it. you now that hamada felt the love in that joke.
can we get a megaupload link or a reupload plz
Off topic, but Endou did cook the rice without frisk. One of the older Abso Tasty eps.
The youtube account was cancelled :(... could we get a reupload please?
please re upload this im dying to watch their friendship
the account the cancelled plz reupload
I tried to contact ockg814 but haven't been lucky at all :( Anybody knows anything from him?