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2nd Yamazaki Produce

Posted: 11.10.2009, 20:26
by Sh@d0w
tanaka haha

RE: 2nd Yamazaki Produce

Posted: 17.12.2009, 20:55
by iniquiti

Matsumoto and Tanaka performing 'Those Days' again at a different location.

Posted: 07.05.2010, 04:03
by SpikeBender
Here's the episode in Pandora.

Posted: 15.07.2010, 05:13
by laitammy22
lol "not a errand boy" is quite nice...i mean it...hope they consider making this the official theme song of gaki xPP
haha and now we know the official translation of gaki is "i am not an errand boy"...(or maybe "i am not a errand boy" xP)

Posted: 01.08.2010, 18:55
by pikira
"Not a errand boy" reminds me of a Arashi/Johnny's Boyband song :)

Thanks for sharing

Posted: 17.08.2010, 07:45
by magus10
First time uploading to megaupload so I don't know if I did it correctly or not...

Re: 2nd Yamazaki Produce

Posted: 27.08.2010, 19:04
by GnTFanNovaScotia
who is going to upload it on youtube? :(

Re: 2nd Yamazaki Produce

Posted: 16.12.2010, 05:28
by dango_
thanks sooo much for uploading this ^^~ really appreciate the effort!!!~

Re: 2nd Yamazaki Produce

Posted: 25.11.2012, 06:20
by Sefidum
OK, so I finally found this ep, still on YT strangely enough, but not subbed:( What nr of Yamazaki produce is this? I canĀ“t find the second...

BUT, one extremely cute thing happens right in the beginnng of the ep at 1:14-1:15 in the first part on YT ( Whatever Yamazaki is saying makes DT giggle/laugh at the exact same time and with the same tone. So cute! :inlove: