Request: Idoling!!! On Demand

Need help about/finding a video? Title of an episode? Name of a cast? Got a question about any GnT episodes? Post your inquiries here!
I'm interested in on-demand broadcasting of idling !!!.
If you have an entire story, do you have DVD and Blue-Ray content?
Thank you.
I have some aired versions.
アイドリング!!! #1199 マニアイドル!!! オタ芸をマスターしよう (2014.12.16)!2dsw1CKI
IDOLING!!! #1199 Otagei

アイドリング!!! #1261 マニアイドル!!! オタ芸をマスターしよう Part 2 (2015.06.18)!rJsUHQCJ
IDOLING!!! #1261 Otagei Class
Thank you very much.
Download it immediately.
I hope you have someone else.