Tosochu ( Run For Money)

Need help about/finding a video? Title of an episode? Name of a cast? Got a question about any GnT episodes? Post your inquiries here!
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donno which one it is but i found it on youtube

the other 11 parts are there in the 'recommended videos' box
This thread is pretty old-- but I only just discovered this show last week and am enjoying it very much.

The most recent episode (a youku rip is available here) was aired December 20th, and featured Endou, who was nice to see, but didn't really do much. A little disappointing, but still worth it.

I've seen both episodes with Yamaskai, and it was also nice to see him outside of GnT, especially when he switched to "action hero" mode-- but he didn't really shine in either.

The next episode will air January 8th, and it will feature two people who might be of interest to readers of the Downtown fan page: Reina Triendl, the beautiful Austrian model that's been featured on several episodes of Lincoln, and the less beautiful, but funnier Yamada Hanako, the weird drunken girl from the Highschool and Police batsu games, among others.
Yes its been sometime since i updated it. Best i do it now before i forget again! :D :D

First some older RFM. Some are specials with a variety group called "Jump! Of ○ ○" (Don't know much about them sorry) They also played other Chronos games which i post links to at a later date.

This years ones in order i think. Yoshinogari Historical Park Yomiuri Land Theme Park Town Mihama American Village Resort Huis Ten Bosch Aeon Lake Town

Laterz! :hai:
Yeah~ I like this show except I went a bit crazy and watched too many in a too short a period.
I like the ones with a particular theme like the Edo period and Ninja village and stuff. Although the story/movie/acting are really cheesy.
Che, Che,Che, Check it out!
A low quality copy of the new episode is up here:
It's a FujiTV show (not NTV, like GnT) but for some inexplicable reason, there's a certain number of guest on this episode that were also in the Airport batsu. These include:
叶姉妹: The Kano Sisters (who judged the Cabin Attendant game show)
武田修宏: Takeda Nobuhiro (Japanese Soccer star and tv announcer, asked to ad-lib a speech after the outside Beyonce/Lada Gaga impersonations)
ミッツマングローブ(Mitzy Mangrove, who was on the French airline team in the Cabin Attendant game show)

I'm finding this episode enjoyable, probably because I'm not a fan of the Chronos sci-fi storyline. If anyone turns up a HQ version, could you post it here?
Here's the latest with Endo! And Ichiro Mizuki, Who you should remember from the Police Batsu game as the guy at the gas station shouting ZET! all the time.


Also there is a new version of the game starting in May called "Battle For Money!"
Looks like the dodge ball game CHRONOS did before.


-- 22.05.2012, 22:19 --

Here's the link for the first Battle For Money!

Rules are
1 Its a Free For All Dodge ball tag match.
2 Each Player starts with 300,000 YEN each
3 When a player is hit they are out and the money they had goes to the victor.
4 They can use some of the money to buy weapons or a Ninja to help them win more money from other players.
That's it! I liked it so i hope you do Enjoy! ;)

-- 04.07.2012, 19:21 --

New one with Gamecenter CX's Chief Arino!
New Episode/Season started this week eventhough they used some bad english when they called the last episode that aired... the last episode haha most of us thought the series was over but its not! :

No Downtown guys but as we all know the rest of it is still super entertaining with or without them. Also next game will be airing October 7th. ALSO Battle For Money will be returning as well! :)
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