24 Hour Tag Batsu (1999)

Need help about/finding a video? Title of an episode? Name of a cast? Got a question about any GnT episodes? Post your inquiries here!
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Translation by: ???
Transcribed by: Homelessbrian
Subtitle Format: .ass
Timed to: [Bikkuri] Gaki no Tsukai Onigoko Batsu Game[XviD 624 x 464].avi

Subtitle Download Mirrors:

The following subs are MUCH better quality!!!! Thanks Rupan!
Translation by: Rupan
Transcribed by: Rupan
Subtitle Format: .srt
Timed to: Gaki no Tsukai - 24 Hour Endurance Tag (ガキの使い-24時間鬼ごっこ)

Subtitle Download Mirrors:

Video links can be found here:

Doomo Arigatou Gozaimasu!

a LOT of subtitles are missing lol Ill try find an updated sub file

Thanks for the upload but :)

I've been working on subtitles for 24 hour tag recently. When I began I decided to check if they were around already and noticed the very rough subs on youtube (same as the ones here).

Other than a few lines or so are as they were in those subs, everything else has been redone.

I'm halfway through the video now (56min into the 1hr 52min show) so they're not ready just yet

That's great, Rupan! I can't wait until you get the subbing done! Keep up the great work (and to all the other subbers out there) =)

are is it all in one video.....im trying to put it in my iPod

I have the subs more or less finished, just doing some proof-reading and edits.

I used my own rip from DVD to time it, I tested it against the above torrent version and seems to be off sync. The resolution and PAR of the above version are different to the original so I'm not sure what else is different with the encoding of it. I'll provide the mkv version I used when it's done (though it's a 4GB file).

3.95GB version & 671MB version with the new complete subtitles (seperate torrents):

Here is the srt file alone:
It isn't sync'd with the 846mb avi.

<Updated with new links>

Originally posted by Rupan
Here you go, torrent with it embedded in the 4gb video it's sync'd with:


I'll try to seed it as long as possible once it finishes, but I'm on a laptop so I will connect and disconnect from the torrent occasionally.
()()() ()()()

The Bunny Gang

That has to do with other things dispite your connection. You also can't download 20mb/s even if your internet disturber says so. And i really thank you for the subs.

Originally posted by kokkie
That has to do with other things dispite your connection. You also can't download 20mb/s even if your internet disturber says so. And i really thank you for the subs.

I know at least that much ;D I'm actually on a 100mb/s connection though the real speeds are 10mb/s or so but never that high usually. As I said I have uploaded at 1.5mb/s on torrents before so that's why I'm not sure it doesn't with this. Maybe it was only giving 50kb/s per peer, not sure.

Sorry again for the slow upload, welcome everyone to help out

That torrent is dead, need a mirror

It was down for a short while. It's back up and should be on all weekend. Four people were downloading it, I've a ratio of 3 myself, so if it was gone while I was gone then people aren't doing their fair share :/

I seem to be connected to one seed, must be you. Only seen it access one other peer. Maybe you should post it on more places, instead of a torrent on megaupload, which is already pretty weird.

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