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Need help about/finding a video? Title of an episode? Name of a cast? Got a question about any GnT episodes? Post your inquiries here!
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Hi Everyone! :D
As you all probably noticed by now, in the last two weeks or so has slowly enforced a video rule where you can't see any of their shows unless you're in Mainland China :( Which I bet almost none of us are! I am totally happy that I can still keep up with Lincoln, Gaki no tsukai de arahende and other downtown related Tv shows on this site, but I really miss being able to see other variety shows that I used to watch on the JapanCH on youku (such as Arashi ni shiagare, guru guru ninety nine, sekai no hate made ite Q etc.)
Do you guys know any good alternative users (such as JapanCH was) on some site that daily uploads variety shows from Japan? :angel: Or even a good site that does that?
Thanks so much guys :)
You probably already know about this one. but it is the only one I can think of and it does update weekly like youku however, to find what you are looking for you will have to use the Japanese characters like this 嵐にしやがれ for Arashi ni shiagare. The only one that I'm not sure of is sekai no hate made ite Q. But yeah I have used this website a bunch of time for shows like Dero and Utaban when the only one on youku where full of morning musume and akb48 and it is almost the same except you have to wait 50sec rather than 30 but at at least it isn't Panadoratv.
Haka actually told me of a good way to get around the mainland china requirement. Download Google chrome and the addin, Youku Unblocker. With that addin, you no longer have to worry about being blocked.
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