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[Filled] Requests for recent + upcoming shows

Posted: 01.06.2017, 17:39
by Ayaka
Hi, I'm looking for an episode of 新しい波24 (Atarashii nami 24) which aired on 5/30. Since it doesn't look like it has big name comedians on it (Okamura of Nainai was there though) I don't know if it's obtainable. If I see a date/time for a rerun I can probably provide it if it's needed so it can be recorded.

If it's easier to make requests for upcoming shows, the ones that I'm interested in are:
6/3 おかべろ (Okarabero) - FULFILLED
6/6 Senzai nōryoku TEST 潜在能力テスト- FULFILLED

Oh, and if you can fulfill my requests, please let me know of your conditions. I would like to use the raw files for subtitling if I can (translators totally welcome..) so ultimately I will want to share it. By default I will credit where I get the RAW from, but if you want your name in the subbed video, or if your condition is my own personal viewing, I can accomodate that. More than anything, I just want these shows.

Thank you ^^

Re: Requests for recent + upcoming shows

Posted: 03.06.2017, 20:05
by ErnieYoung
Okabero #30 2016.06.03 - Imai Tsubasa
おかべろ 【今井翼が結婚宣言!? (秘)タッキー】!yFs3EYAL
Okabero_170603_#30 Imai Tsubasa [720p60].zip

Re: Requests for recent + upcoming shows

Posted: 04.06.2017, 14:32
by Ayaka
omg THANK YOUUUU Ernie!! I really wanted this one 'cause I was especially interested in subbing it. ^^

Re: Requests for recent + upcoming shows

Posted: 05.06.2017, 14:52
by Ayaka
I got a re-air date for Atarashii nami 24 if it's needed.

「新しい波24」ゲスト #今井翼