Filled: Iwatani Birdman Rally 2018 - 鳥人間コンテスト 2018

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Like last year, I would like to request, if possible, this show/contest. Here is what it is about:
On the Iwatani Birdman Rally teams of contestants try to fly the farthest over a lake using self-made, man powered planes on various categories (like gliders and self propelled planes). If i remember correctly, most of the teams are form clubs from schools and universities and seem to take the contest very seriously. The tv show seems to really bank on the stories and drama of the contest. I thought it was really fun in a climax of a sports/shounen manga kind of way. =)
Maybe more in line with the forum, the show is presented by a group of celebrities. In 2017, Endo was one of them. This year guests will be a slew of actors, talents and comedians. Some of which will be familiar if you watch Gaki or other shows of the forum, like Koji Higashino, or Hironobu Komiya, from the combi Sanshiro, who seems like will pilot one of the planes.

The contest will air on 29/08 on ytv. I would be very grateful if it could be shared here. :bow:

Ps.: Look at this glorious poster (via the show's twitter):
41st BIRDMAN RALLY 2018 - Trailer

Sanshiro-Komiya's Challenge
新時代へ! 鳥人間コンテスト2018 ~三四郎・小宮、羽ばたき飛行挑戦!3IthiRpa
41st BIRDMAN RALLY 2018 -
Thanks, Ernie! Great teaser and recap of the history of the contest. Interesting to see how the contest evolved through the years and that they changed the rules of the self-propelled plane competition after last year (when the winning team completed the full 40km course over the lake). I wonder how this year's contest is going to go...
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