[Filled] Request: Shikujiri Sensei しくじり先生 2018.12.30

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Hi! I'm wondering if anyone could point me the way to getting raws for Shikujiri Sensei? Particularly, I'm looking for the jarujaru segment of it that I believe replayed yesterday as part of a 4hour special :) Thank you!
I have it (aired on 2014.11.13).

Please wait for a few days.
Shikujiri Sensei Ore mitaini Naruna!! 2014.11.13

#7 Jaru Jaru
しくじり先生 俺みたいになるな!!
トガってると勘違いされる ジャルジャル先生
Thank you so much, Ernie ;;m;; I've been looking for this for so long!!