[Filled] まつもtoなかい~マッチングな夜~ 2020-11-21

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Matsumo(to)Nakai~ Matching Night~

New Fuji TV's Saturday premium program hosted by Downtown's Matsumoto Hitoshi and former SMAP Nakai Masahiro, will be aired at 9:00 p.m. (Japan timezone) on November 21th. It will be an experimental talk documentary program in which Matsumoto and Nakai match up two people they would like to meet, and watch them talk with each other as matchmakers.
まつもtoなかい ~マッチングな夜~
1. 甲本ヒロト × 菅田将暉
2. 小池栄子 × 天海祐希
3. フワちゃん × ローラ
4. Hiro × 森 進一
Matsumo to Nakai 2020-11-21.zip
Streaming link (not my video)
Thank you very much, Ernie-san. ♥ ♥ ♥
I've watched it livestreaming on YT but I'm not sure if this show will continue in the next week... (right?)

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