What would you wanna see subbed next?

Aka the trash bin
When the hotel batsu is completed, and the subbers take a well deserved rest, what would everyone like to see subbed next?

I wanted to make this a poll but cant seem to find the option so I'll just list the choices:-

1: Fill in the blanks/Clean up the already subbed Batsus e.g. complete unfinished subs, sub the extra footage episodes

2: Sub one series at a time e.g. do all available eps of kiki, then move onto absolutely tasty, etc.

3: Sub weekly episodes from present onwards

4: Sub random stuff in a random order

5: No more subs besides the main batsu games!

Please note; I am not a subber, I was just wondering what everyone wants to see the most. Personally I'd choose 1 or 4 as I don't mind whats being subbed and also would like the batsus complete so I have a good collection.
2 I guess...

I've been very curious with the "Goodbye, Yamasaki" series. So yeah I'd like to see them subbed.

But I'm happy with random stuff...or anything...I'm grateful to all who sub. :clap:

I'd most like to see completed subs for Yugawara and High School Batsu.

The Manzai talks would be great... I enjoy every single of those talks... Any sub on the DVD would be great!

Personally, I'd love to see the series subbed, even though it is not entirely necessary for one to understand the concept. (Although, I'm curious about what their commentary says C: ) Maybe even jump around the series?
I also second the person who mentioned the Manzai talks being subbed.

As a second option, I'd say fix up any incomplete batsus. C:

I would love to see some of Shoji Murakami's class series subbed. I am a big fan of his awkward humor.
The series!! :D :D :D
Bus Tour... and then Absolutely Tasty... and then Kiki :D

The only Absolutely Tasty which has been already subbed is taiyaki and for Kiki is chocolate right?

I would love to see the Cocorico clips subbed :D
The series
Goodbye Yamasaki
Kiki and Shoji Murakami's classes :lol:

Kiki, absolutely tasty, 500 questions and Manzai! ^^

oooh yea!
i´m curious about the 500 questions too :D

I'll go with number 2
I'd love to see Kiki and the Cosplay Bus Tour subbed
And of course the Cocorico clips ;)

Hmmm I'll go with number 4.

I would like the Cocorico Miracle Type episodes subbed and Gaki no Tsukai's Best of Ten episodes. They were recently taken off by youtube so I was bummed. I loved it! Its a countdown of Gaki's shows. :D

Goodbye Yamasaki! His final speeches must be funny.
Me, personally I would like the: Ashita Ga Aru Sa "11 Episodes" and "SPECIAL" to be subbed next! :)

The episodes are posted on here:
Thanks to ||---PEGO---||
More manzai or clips from that Matsumoto roundtable show.