Gaki no Tsukai Subbed for Download

Aka the trash bin
Can someone tell me Gaki no Tsukai videos which have been 100% (completely) subbed for download? (I mean and these which have hardsubs and not only softsubs)

So I have download:

Gaki no Tsukai Onsen Batsu
Gaki no Tsukai Onsen 2 Batsu
Feedback on Batsu Game in Spa
24 Hour Endurance Tag
Hamada Batsu Game
History of the Batsu Game
No Reaction! Pie Hell!
Silent Library (I have 2 Silent Library videos but the second doesn't have subs)
High School Batsu Game
Police Batsu Game
1 night, 2 days, Matsumoto Solo Batsu!
Hospital Batsu Game
No-Laughing Newspaper Agency
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are you serious?