Gaki no Tsukai 2011

Aka the trash bin
Hello world,

I see in this website so many links that I don't even know where to start watching. I watched all the "No-Laughing" Batsu Games, it was awesome.

I'm looking the Gaki no Tsukai Ya Arahende, it's fun stuff but I realised it's pretty old.

So, are they still doing their vids now ? The Gaki no Tsukai Ya Arahende, Kiki series, LINCOLN and all the stuff.

If yes, do you know what channel ? I'll love to watch it "live".


And sorry for the bad-english. :^)
yes gaki is still airing ..... on NTV at 10:56 p.m. until 11:26 p.m (japanese time) every sunday, and lincoln every thursday (try keyhole tv)

ALL episodes are uploaded by hand in the gaki no tsukai section, and by spikebender for lincoln section.

YOU SHOULD HAVE POSTED THIS IN THE REQUEST SECTION, and next time try to search for what you want before creating a thread ... coz ;) ;)
Woow thanks. And sorry, next time i'll search !
You don't even need to search... the latest video of 'ya arahende' already has the date in the thread title and at the top of each sections... as well as majority of other threads in the forum.