No Laughing: Enthusiastic Teachers Progress Thread

Aka the trash bin
al4bandi wrote:
kamui13 wrote:
ShadiHD you speak arabic? :o

I speak Croatian, but nobody seems to care :( ... :D

I care :D

and thanks shadi
Hi minna~san, Malaysian here. Anyway glad to 'meet' you all. Can't wait for english sub :rofl:
Any chance the team will also sub the Extra footage? :)
Seems like there is alot of good scenes there this year.
I laughed at the avengers at the buss, even tho i didn't understand anything :)
let us finish this behemoth of a work first :P
Ye, there is a LOT of work to do before we even consider starting on the Hidden Scenes...
hd version of the 2 hr special + japanese captions are coming. just letting you guys know <3
Is there any plans for a final hard sub video download when you guys are done with the subs?
yes if we get many requests
Big thanks from french community !!

because of you we can translate your sub and this new batsu game :)

Thanks again and good luck ! :lol:
Shadi wrote:
yes if we get many requests

thanks for the answer and the work. I want to wait till everything is done being subbed before I watch.
i have the teacher batsu downloaded and seen part one of the subs you guys did. and i must say you guys do great sub work. when its done is it gonna be all one file instead of parts? i have the whole batsu game downloaded but if in different parts does the subs still work? just asking. keep up the good work cant wait till it is done! :clap:
As promised: the 2 hr special with japanese captions. -> viewtopic.php?f=9&t=4474
I'm waiting for your sub!!! :D

Thank you very much!!! :)
cant wait for part 3 :)
How is part 3 comming along?