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Electric Shock Russian Roulette (English Subs)

Posted: 03.11.2013, 16:07
by KazumaSanjaya
Hey everyone!

I and my partner had completed with typesetting and translating on Electric Shock Russian Roulette. They are on Youtube and Dailymotion. I also shared the download links for everyone too. We wish you have a good time to watch this. This game was a result of High School Batsu Game.

Enjoy it! :D


Part 1

Part 2


Download links:

Thank you so much! :bow: :bow: :bow:

Re: Electric Shock Russian Roulette (English Subs)

Posted: 09.12.2013, 20:14
by Fengson
Thanks for that, mate! It's hilarious :) Now, even more, since we know what are they talking about!

Download from (MEGA) :

Gaki no Tsukai - Electric Shock Roulette.avi (232.7 MB)!GIgWiajY!dQLAKhQBl ... -5OaGnhGwA

Re: Electric Shock Russian Roulette (English Subs)

Posted: 24.02.2014, 07:27
by Gr1ng0_got_Gaki
Hi guys,

thanks for translating this Pre-Batsu game, just complaining that the audio feels a bit off compared to a raw version i got my talons on for about a year or two.

If interested in adding the current subs to the version i got, you can down it here < > this one is around 400Mb in size, overall better quality video and audio, no subs however.

it's downloadable for exactly one week, after that the downloadlinks expires.


Re: Electric Shock Russian Roulette (English Subs)

Posted: 27.02.2014, 23:08
by Fengson
The quality surely is better!
Since there are subs already, maybe I'll create them for this better quality version. Just not now, as I have loads to do.

Arigatou, Gr1ng0_got_Gaki !