Episode #1216 2014.08.03 - Nonstop Acting Challenge

I think the Oxygen can works when they get extremely tired at the point of then finding breathing difficult.
Let's not forget all 5 smoke or used to smoke (Matsumoto quitted smoking in 2003, not sure about the others).
Creepy yet funny episode. I'm sure Egashira 2:50 would beat all of them at once :D
It's also really strange to see Kojima with clothes on :rofl: :rofl: .
Cocorico moves were great. Tanaka marching forward or Endo trying to climb the ropes. Matsumoto squealing...
I thought after having that wonder diet and having lost that much weight, Housei could endure more.
Looking back, that was surely the cheapest challenge of this series :lol:
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Too bad. No Youku for me :(


My love for you grows every sunday :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
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Good to see Suga again :)
I wan't to see so badly the episode where they wear red outfits and are dragged by a car ! Any idea which one is it?

I think they are the Hikizurare Challenges:

Gaki No Tsukai #815 (2006.07.23) - Hikizurare Challenge 1
Gaki No Tsukai #917 (2008.08.17) - Hikizurare Challenge 2 Part1
Gaki No Tsukai #918 (2008.08.24) - Hikizurare Challenge 2 Part2

Anyone know where I can find the one where they're eating hot food with their hands?
I already found the dizziness and underwater competitions, although they're not subbed.

(Hamada is amazing in both of them rofl)
Endo and Shoji seems to have a weird chemistry together. :D
Anyone know what episode that clip where they eat hot food with their fingers are from?
Oh man this episode had be dying! :rofl: Especially at the end when Hamada is on the floor trying to use every last bit of strength out of himself to move. :lol:
HAMADA SAN, are you ok?!!

I don't understand Japanese and yet I laughed so hard watching this :rofl: GAKI NO TSUKAI WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME. Btw Tanaka and Matsumoto's moves were so absurd I can't even.. ughh :rofl: :rofl:
So this is apparently part of a series called 'Club Activities'.

BTW, this week's 2nd Hamada Cram School has a section for this!
Fujimoto's and Haranishi's (of combi FUJIWARA) movements are really great. :D
one of a favorite episode.