Good morning everyone

Come introduce yourself and feel at home!
Hello to all of you Gaki fans!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Paul, I'm from a city not far from Lyon in France. I lived in Japan for 1 year, in Kyoto. Regarding my personnality I'm really honest (especially on the internet, you know how it is :D ), I love to laugh and I hate street violence.
Likes: Order and respect, Science-fiction, One Piece, Metal music, and of course, Japanese culture, especially architecture, 漫才, and Gaki no tsukai.
Dislikes: religion, diversity

I've followed Gaki for a while and I have to admit I'm little disappointed to have found this forum so late! I used to watch what I could find on the chinese plateform bilibili. Nevertheless, here I am!
I saw that you guys share pretty much everything that is broadcasted on Japanese TV and this is exactly what I wanted. :)
I can't wait to access the 水曜日のダウンタウン episodes!!

I watched all the 笑ってはいけない since the series debute, and I absolutely love it, I watch it again and again from time to time (especially when the five are in the room, I just love those moments!!) but I cut some parts out (like most of you probably, the Oni part and the "don't get scared") :lol:
I watch 水曜日 as much as I can. One of my all time favorite is the one where they see what happens when two contestants are secretely asked to lose a one on one battle of various kinds. :inlove:
Obvsiouly, I followed モンスターハウス and eventhough I felt kind of sorry for クロちゃん, he had it coming :D

Regarding the Japanese language, I've started studying it 2 years ago but I'm still not fluent. Having a Japanese girlfriend helps a ton though!

では、皆さんよろしくお願いいたします !! :bow:
bienvenue sur le blog paul tu vas voir tu va te sentir bien ici