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Hello From California

Posted: 16.08.2013, 05:04
by ThinkH2o
Hey guys I'm new to this thread. I been trying to make a collection of all the Batsu games with the most accurate and perfect subs. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I've been trying to find the videos and the subs and creating a hard subbed version of it. But sometimes the subs are not all there and are incomplete. I been looking around here on the forums for a while now and trying to find the best subs for each batsu game. If you could give me some links to all the most complete and accurate subs for all the batsu games from 24 tag and up, that would be awesome. Would be really awesome if they were also color coded. Thank you for your time and effort and thank you to everyone who puts so much time and hard work subbing these videos for everyone else. Thank you.

Re: Hello From California

Posted: 16.08.2013, 11:26
by soudou
Hello, welcome to the forum!
Try this list and if you need anymore help feel free to ask: ... ollection/

Re: Hello From California

Posted: 17.08.2013, 11:59
by ThinkH2o
Thanks for the link. I will have to look into it. I have quite a few good videos I was able to sync subs too from all the great people who translated them and put them on this site. I can't seem to find completed subs with color coding for news paper agency or the right video for the spy ba. Mostly because I can't find the right videos or a sub file that is completed. The gaki no tsukai videos are definitely my favorite videos ever.