Greetings! I'm from Singapore

Come introduce yourself and feel at home!
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Hi everyone! I realised I have not introduced myself yet. I'm a university student in my 20s from Singapore, which is a tiny country in Southeast Asia.

The ten-ten video from the high school batsu actually went viral some years ago but I didn't really connect it to gaki no tsukai until this year. Then I started watching the batsu games and it was so funny! :rofl:
I discovered this forum and also started watching older episodes and other downtown shows. I really like the interactions between Hamada and Matsumoto, especially during their talks.

I hope to one day do some translations for fellow fans, but I'm still new to kansai-ben.
Greetings, solari! I think you'll like it here.
Shappuri Agemaaasu!!
Welcome to the forum!

Yeah I think I watched some clips and maybe some batsus like the hospital one on Youtube years ago, then winter last year I wondered whether there had been new batsus, watched Airport and then all the rest from 24hr tag up. Hooked ever since.

That's great that you'd like to translate! Every translator is really valued here.
It isn't much but here's a few links I've come across about Kansai-ben, they only cover a little but hope it helps. ... dlist.html ... saiben.htm
Also a few for slang:

Also if the Kansai-ben is shown in on-screen subtitles, you can maybe make a screenshot, and fill in using Paint or something so that it's black on white text. Then you can use this program to capture it and look it up perhaps:

And though it may not cover Kansai-ben, this site seems useful, it's for Japanese people wanting to learn or look up words in English, so it provides a lot of English<->Japanese examples of different uses of the same word depending on context:

Best of luck with your efforts!
Welcome to the forum, solari!
Also, thank you for the wonderful links, soudou!
Welcome, hope to see some of you translation work, and maybe even learn from It. Be well ]:)
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