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Hello :)

Posted: 10.11.2013, 11:04
by mekia

I'm a German living in the UK and have been a fan of Matsumoto and co since i started subbing Morning Musume Shows like Utaban/Hello Morning and many more shows. And of course in some of those shows the girls were with Matsumoto/Hamada which always ended up making fun of the girls <3. That is i think 11-13 years ago lol..... (i feel old) when my group (HPS, left in 2006 for FFXI :p) started subbing stuff.

In the end, long time anon lurker now ready to contribute or just say thanks for the hard work. I know how it feels to have thousands of line of text sitting in front of you and a 2h sound file :p.

Re: Hello :)

Posted: 10.11.2013, 11:54
by soudou
Welcome to the forum! :)
That's awesome that you sub. If you're looking to contribute there's a thread looking for people to help sub the next batsu game:
But anything Gaki-related you can sub would be fantastic. The show is sorely missing subbers. :(