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Hello from Morroco

Posted: 23.02.2014, 21:38
by zaksama
Hi, i'm a morrocan fan of the dowtown show since few month. Normally, i talk french but i will tried to express my feeling about some discussion in english without misspelling. My most favorite member is Yamasaki Hosei. And i very like the appearance of Jimmy san. Anyway, thank you for reading and for your great job in this forum. :D

Re: Hello from Morroco

Posted: 24.02.2014, 00:13
by soudou
Hi zaksama, welcome to the forum!
Happy to see a fellow Hosei fan :D
Though might I suggest I make you a different avatar, it'll be confusing if we both have the same one :rofl: Any requests?

Re: Hello from Morroco

Posted: 24.02.2014, 19:19
by zaksama
Thank for advise, i just changed my avatar :D