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Hello.Just singed up to this forum. Personally, i never believed in forums and was a "die hard do it yourself". I was just scrolling down the intros of people,wow this website is so international !! I don't personally know a gaki fan so it was astonishing..Heres my "story":
I have been addicted to gaki series/lincion etc.. for a while. What hooked me was their sense of humor. Nowadays, at least in my society "humor" is making racist jokes with our so called stand up comedians or cracking jokes dirter than Tanaka. Don't get me wrong I personally have a dark sense of humor and laugh at others' misery, we all do ..I mean come on--batsu games. Every aspect of their humor is genius and doesn't seize to make me laugh! I watch them not to only laugh, but understand the characters they have put forth like the awkward Hamada-matsu complexity.
I ran out of eng sub episodes along time, so basically I re-watch episodes :rock: I am learning Japanese, I cant wait to ditch subtitles. If you got tips hola at me ;) . Peace.
Hi TokyoAshes! Welcome to the forum!
Hope you will enjoy your time here~
You might like to check out Gottsu Ee Kanji. It's a show with quite a number of skits by Downtown and a few others. There are subs for some of the skits.

I think watching variety shows' helpful to get used to natural speeds of talking in Japanese.
(I had thought my listening skills were good..until I started watching variety shows.)
Part of it is of course, because Downtown and many other comedians speak the Kansai-ben dialect of Japanese, which has some differences with standard Japanese you'd learn in the classroom. Part of it is because they can talk at rapidfire speeds; sometimes they're mumbling too( as compared to anime where every word is enunciated clearly and slowly).
Welcome TokyoAshes! Happy to have you here :D

You might enjoy some series even without subtitles, like Oogiri Daigassen and such that mostly revolve around games and batsus. Though beyond that I would suggest watching the other episodes without subs too, because a lot of them are hilarious to watch regardless. I don't know Japanese and I also started with all the subbed stuff first, but now I watch old episodes and the new episodes every Sunday because like you, I've gotten to appreciate the guys in the show, their relationships to eachother, and just love seeing them do new fun stuff.

You may even find it helps with your Japanese. I knew some common words from watching a lot of subbed anime (e.g. yume - dream) but have picked up many more now from hearing the Gaki guys use them over and over.

A few other resources:

Like watching anime or variety shows, reading manga can help pick up vocabulary:

Dictionaries for reference: <- For Japanese people learning English, but immensely useful for the opposite

I've linked more stuff on my "Amateur Subbing" page:
Thank you solari & soudou for the warm welcome! and taking the time to fill me in, I will be sure to check it all out!!! :nod: Btw i watch Gottsu Ee Kanji. on crazyontv website..its sooo hilarious.. love it.! i recently seen a documentary where ma-chan wants to re-match the sketches.
Welcome to the forum.

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