Come introduce yourself and feel at home!
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Just wanting to make a quick introduction.

As you can see from my username I am a big fan of matsumoto-san and all the downtown works. I stumbled on a few videos on youtube and searched for more on the web were I found a couple of forums who had links to subbed version and from there I was hooked.

I enjoy the batsu games and I really appreciate the effort people put in to provide the english subs. I am trying to learn japanese at night school but admit I am struggling a bit due to my dyslexia, however I am going to persevere. A dream would be to go to Japan and be in the audience of the broadcast for one of the end of year batsu's

I am still a bit noobish with all the other works so appologies if I post something obvious or don't always get things right first time. Scanning through this forum theres a lot to look at, to learn and see the other works outside of gaki no Tsukai done by the 5 main comedians.
Welcome to this Forum
it's cool that you learn japanese even if you're dyslexic work harder and do your best
believe in your dreams and they will come true I wish you the best

Best regards Kippei-Kun
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Welcome! Have fun here!
Best of luck with your studies, it's very admirable.
Cool that you're interested in the comedians other work, if you have any questions I'm sure people here can help.
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