Konichiwa from the Philippines!

Come introduce yourself and feel at home!
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Thank you for accepting us a part of this Gaki-addicts forum! :bow:

My brother, Gem, and I have been fans of Gaki no Tsukai for 6-7 years, I think. He was the one at fault why I became a big fan of these guys! From Silent Library to Batsu Games to Absolutely Tasty to their Kiki Series, we never stopped watching as long as there is an English-subbed episode to watch :lol: :inlove: :D .

Looking forward to be a regular in this forum and thank you for updating us, as always, on our favorite TV show and casts in the world, Downtown no Gaki No Tsukai ya Arahende!

From the Philippines with love,

Gilai and Gem :bow: :inlove: 8) :clap:
If only I can hug Matsumoto-san, Hamada-san, Yamazaki-san, Endo-san, and Tanaka-san in my lifetime... sighs! <3 :((
Welcome to the forum! Hope you have fun here. :)
Welcome you and your bro. :rock:
you guys can also hope to see them on the streets, many jvloggers suggest that they see celebrities all the time ;) ;)
You can see Hamada walking around Osaka when he record the show "GobuGobu".
Endo in golf club.
Matsumoto no where but Gym/hospital/infirmery/medical room. :!:
Yamasaki probably the most easy to meet.
Tanaka is busy riding rhino and stuff.
Welcome to the forum!
Tanaka is busy riding rhino and stuff.

Haha, or bug hunting.

And yeah, since Housei does rakugo gigs in various Kansai region theatres, you can see him live and sometimes even get a meet and greet after the show.

I guess the best bet to see the rest of the cast doing stuff live would be to find out what other TV shows they'll appear on and try to get in on one of those recording sessions. It might be easier since they're weekly shows and not one-offs like the yearly batsu. Matsumoto does that weekly Wide Na talk show for example, it seems to be recorded in front of a live audience right? There's also Downtown DX and other stuff. Endo goes on some sports talk shows. Hamada and Tanaka also appear on various shows that have audiences.

I use meetv.jp to find out what they're on each week:
Hosei 月亭方正 - http://www2.meetv.jp/p/5584.html
Matsumoto 松本人志 - http://www2.meetv.jp/p/5140.html
Hamada 浜田雅功 - http://www2.meetv.jp/p/4469.html
Tanaka 田中直樹 - http://www2.meetv.jp/p/3595.html
Endo 遠藤章造 - http://www2.meetv.jp/p/1575.html

Alternatively (if the way meetv lists times/dates is confusing) just change the search name on the links below from "月亭方正" (Tsukitei Hosei) to whatever cast member you want (using the little search box top left):
Kanto Region (Tokyo etc.): http://tv.yahoo.co.jp/search/?q=%E6%9C% ... &oa=1&a=23
Kansai Region (Osaka etc.): http://tv.yahoo.co.jp/search/?q=%E6%9C% ... &oa=1&a=40
Thank you very much for the heartwarming welcome and all the encouraging advices and tips on how to meet them. I understand that meeting them all at once are now superbly impossible, but I will definitely try my best to track and see a show of any of them. It will be more than enough to make us giggly, like Heipo-san seeing a busty, kawaii girl unexpectedly. :lol:
If only I can hug Matsumoto-san, Hamada-san, Yamazaki-san, Endo-san, and Tanaka-san in my lifetime... sighs! <3 :((
(^_^)幸運を祈る!! I hope you will see them.
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