Hello. About time I make a profile! Been browsing this forum for I don't know how long. But most importantly, been watching gaki no tsukai since 3-4 years back.

I'll introduce myself as a typesetter for TofuPandaFanSubs. I've also contributed to the 2015 No-laughing batsu done by Team Gaki(Which TPFS has been working on too). Before i go on i just want to make a shoutout to everyone at TG for being a supportive and hard working team of people. They are doing what they can to finish this for you. That's right. While it's satisfying to contribute with what you can and have in to a project like this. It's always the enthusiasm and demand of a wonderful community of Gaki fans all around the world that i think brings Team Gaki back on the track in order to provide quality subbing!

I have several projects on my hands that I can't wait to finish! As you might know TPFS' goal at the moment is to finish the Kiki series. Being a typesetter is time-consuming but without a translator there wouldnt be any subtitles in the first place. Stay tuned for subbed Kiki episodes in the nearest future. Some of them being Green tea, Canned Tuna and Fish sausage!

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Let's continue to grow as a community and fan base.