Come introduce yourself and feel at home!
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i'm from indonesia and i really enjoy/likes this show...
i hope i can get more video(with subs to ;)) so i can laugh every time :D

GANBATE NE!!! <<<--- is this right? :P

Im from holland and i never new that there was a english forum of downtown on the net.
I think i will have a lot of fun here.

↑Ouch that hurts!

Thanks for making this website! ^^
A show which has been running for 20 years sure deserves it.

Greetings from Austria :flowers:

And keep in mind:
Konya ga yama da!
[FONT=comic sans ms]They say celebrities die early...
What about cameramen?
:clap: Way to go, Aiba-chan!

Lol I only just saw this thread, So I shall take the time to thank all those responsible for this AWESOME forum. Im looking forward to getting to know all the other Gaki no Tsukai fans.

Peace from Australia. :D

Hello ,
I'm indonesian- chinese , currently living in Singapore.
I'm a huge fan of this show.

Thanks to the guy who tell me this website..
I look forward to watching the new Batsu Game.
Heard that it's New Year special , and it's longer..
Looks like I'm goinna laugh non-stop.


Anyways , aishi te i masu ! ganba~tsu te !
Watashi wa gaki no tsukai ma no ai~! :luv:

Gaki No Tsukai aja aja Fighting!

Awesome site. It's cool to have it all gathered in one place. :)

Hello !!
I'm french, so that's why my english isn't very good :clown:
I want to say thanks to all the people there who share their videos, and allow us to take pleasure watching Matsumoto and his friends (yes, Matsumoto is my favorite character :D)

I'm now addicted to Downtown :)
Again, thanks to this Awesome Forum :clap: :clap:
Sorry for my english, but it's not my first language, i'm french...
Hi, I joined this place about a week ago.
I've been watching these guys strut their stuff for a few years now.. and I must say..

It's probably the funniest stuff I've ever seen!

Thank goodness there is a fan page here C: I'll look forward to everything that's going to be posted!

Thank you so much for making this site. :flowers:
i`m really happy to find you, guys. Thanks for all your great works,esp. the subbers.. :inlove:
[FONT=comic sans ms]Endo Shozo MARRY ME!![/FONT] :inlove:

Hello from Finland.

Very big thanks this english forum and also english subs what people are doing. Keep up good work. And hello every Gaki forumist. :drink:

saying hi. just recently discovered gaki no tsukai. awesome. Wondering where i was in the last 20 years when the show was goin on.


I'm a spanish Gaki no Tsukai fan.

I started to watch GNT when a friend send me a link from YouTube of Silent Library over 2 years ago. From this moment I am watching all GNT videos that I can watch.

I don't understand japanese (I'm starting to study it) but it doesn't matter, it's very funny.

My favourite batsu game is High School episode.

I don't have a favourite character, because everyone has it's own particularities.

Hamada: The huh face. ¿huh? :huh:
Matsumoto: His face when he is trying to not laugh. :P
Endo: His funny face. :)
Tanaka: His fall when he is scared. :scared:
Yamasaki: The Popeye face after been slapped in the face by Masahiro Chono. :pinch:

And remember: Sei Out! ;)

I'm in heaven! Gaki no Tsukai 4 all.

Greets from Germany.

Hiya all *waves*

Proud Gaki No Tsukai fan from Holland!
I'm only a newbie when it comes to GNT , i started to watch it 2 weeks ago XD, i was watching japanese clips on youtube and found the highschool english clip. I thought it was funny (okay i literally fell off my chair laughing) :lol:.. i looked up if there was more aaaaaaaand *BAM* here i am! :D

my favorite member is....hmm...i like them all! But if i REALLY had to choose i'd pick...Hamada!!! :shifty:

..or Endo?..Yamasaki?..Matsumoto?..Tanaka???

*siiiigh* they all rock! \m/

Awesome work on the page, and all the subs. I'd like to express my appreciation beforehand for all the work that has been put into the projects/translations/etc.

Good work!
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