High School Complete subs

Directory of COMPLETED subtitle files
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so I proudly present the final and complete for "the long awaited" subs of the High School batsu game.

special thanks to :

Sutekidayo & Mr_Orange, Gojinki & Alex, and me :P

NEW Download link:

Mediafire mirror (by gojinki)

~have fun watching it :D

Can you please upload this Sub file to Megaupload or Mediafire? The site you used to upload the file can be a pain in the ass. Otherwise, great work ShadiHD, been looking forward to this.

A real pain in the ass site. The download button in located downwards. If you press the big buttons, you get an add.

Anyways: Thanks to everyone who worked hard on this project! Awesome to see this batsu in it's completion.

Up to the next project:D

haha, yeah, it's like the most inconspicuous download link ever.

But good job, everyone who contributed to the subs. I look forward to this.

Thanks for the subs guys!
much thanks for all those involved in the completion of these subs :clap:


Anyone else having trouble hardcoding the subtitles to this video? I follow the tutorial, and I've had no problems with hardcoding a few of them, as I was hoping to add this batsu game to the many others on my PS3 with subs. But for some reason, when I open up the High School Batsu on VirtualDub, the video doesn't even appear. The subs are there, and i hear audio, I just don't get any video.

I don't understand it. Should I download a different video file? What am I missing? Do you guys know of any other ways to hardcode?

Thanks for your time.

I had watched the subbed version on Youtube last month, was it missing a lot/wrong?

Oh well.. after a year and half of waiting, here we are finally.

Special thanks to everyone that contributed to this project. Well done boys ;)

Next Project, if you don't mind: Cosplay Bus Serie :D

Thank you very much guys. This is a great day for us! :flowers:

Awesome to see it finally finished! A lot of hours went into just the bit I did so this represents a heck of a lot of work. Well done to all!

Awesome! Long awaited and finally finished! You guys have done a great job! Props!

Sweeeeeeeeet, thanks!
98 posts