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Hi Shadi.
can you sub batsu game high school extra footage. im sure a lot of people would love to watch it. i got the raw here viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2382

btw, thanks for the high school subs. Great as always!.
can sombody send me all the off the download link of gaki no tsukai with english subbed??

my email is


thank you very much

i love gaki no!!!!
thanks for sub. . .
i hv looking for age :yawn:
Can someone please put it up somewhere so I dont have to download?
sorry my friend, Ytube just keeps deleting all Gaki Vids, so I believe you have to download it
Rotten Apple wrote:
Anyone else having trouble hardcoding the subtitles to this video? I follow the tutorial, and I've had no problems with hardcoding a few of them, as I was hoping to add this batsu game to the many others on my PS3 with subs. But for some reason, when I open up the High School Batsu on VirtualDub, the video doesn't even appear. The subs are there, and i hear audio, I just don't get any video.

I don't understand it. Should I download a different video file? What am I missing? Do you guys know of any other ways to hardcode?

Thanks for your time.

download this file its already subbed with show


junkzm3 wrote:
Both; people with "unknown style" error and problem hard-encoding,

try this edit I made (I make no guarantee it will hard sub correctly, but I added in style references so that should fix the style error at least)


Obvious Note: You will have to change the file name to match the AVI to use it

can anyone please re upload this? i keep getting style error when i using the 1st page subtitles
98 posts