Subbing Project 2010 Batsu: "No Laughing SPY School"

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In this topic, you will be updated on the latest information, Video's, Project Statuses, Batsu part's and more about our subbing project. The main goal for us is: Subbing the "No Laughing SPY School" Batsu for everyone to enjoy it with the best quality subs we have to offer.

Let me introduce everyone:
ShibataBread: The leader in subbing. Having a long history in subbing together with his wife, he his veteran in the world of delivering translations. Shibata will have a leading role in this project. His translation and subbing skills will be a real driving force in this project.
Mrs. ShibataBread: As mentioned above, she is the wife of Shibata himself. She is like a wife should be and helps him with the translations all around (This doesn't mean he has to ask her nicely :devil:). She will be a final editor in this project and putting everyone's work together.
Zurui: The new man in town! This guy has put his stemple on subbing in a really short time. He is delevering one sub after another and has a really great blog where everyone can find his work. Zurui will focus on both Translating and Type-setting.
Dere-kun: Also a new man in town, though most people will not know him very well. He is an exchange student who self-thought himself the art of the Japanese language. Though he hasn't got a big history of subbing, his self-earned skills and motivation are enough to welcome him as a full fledged member of our team!
Alex:Lastly: Myself. I will be focusing on Type-setting and coloring in this project. I will also be maintaining this topic with all the new updates.

Any questions/comments/feedback can be posted here and I will make sure that they're answered A.S.A.P:geek:

Update 13(28/03\11):
And lastly but not least!
The subfiles: ... y.ass.html ... ng_Spy.ass

Update 12(27/03\11):
The final parts!!
Part 17 ... spy-17_fun
Part 18 ... spy-18_fun
Part 19 ... spy-19_fun
Part 20 ... spy-20_fun

Update 11(04/03\11):
Part 15 ... spy-15_fun
Part 16 ... videogames

Update 10(03/03\11):
Part 11 ... spy-11_fun
Part 12 ... spy-12_fun
Part 13 ... spy-13_fun
Part 14 ... spy-14_fun

Update 9(27/01\11):
Part 9 ... from=embed
Part 10 ... from=embed

Update 8(18/02\11):
Part 7 ... from=embed
Part 8 ... spy-08_fun

Update 7(05/02\11):
Part 5 ... spy-05_fun
Part 6 ... spy-06_fun

Update 6(19/01\11):
The Second 30min have also been finished:
Part 3 ... spy-03_fun
Part 4 ... spy-04_fun

Update 5(11/01\11):
The first 30min HAVE ARRIVED!
Part 1

Part 2

Update 4(08/01\11):
Hello Everyone!

Because of the huge response after the release of the new batsu, I thought it would be fitt to give everyone an heads up for what they can expect.

Our team has started with the real subbing after finishing the holidays. We're about half-way done in the first 30min and working hard to get everything on track for even faster subbing.

We're asking everyone to have some patience with us, we aint the perfect subbing group like the anime-subbers, and all have our own lives to take are off. We are doing everything to deliver the best subs possible!

Have a nice weekend!

Update 3(20/12\10):
We finished our test project of the Hotel Man extra footage. Please enjoy it!

You can find the video's in this topic:

Update 2(06/12\10):
Congratulations DonMoonie on guessing our Trial Project!! :D

We will have a little trial run with our team that will cover the Hotel man Extra Footage part 1. There is a small change that the second part might get done too, but don't pin me on that.
The footage will get released before the new year batsu, most likely in the upcoming 2 weeks.

Update 1(04/12\10):
Iniquiti posted the SneakPeak of the Spy batsu. Shibata also subbed it for us today!

There will also be a Trial run where we will warm up for the Batsu. This will be one full episode. How/when/what series will stay a secret for a little while ;)
Only four?! :(

-- 30.11.2010, 17:53 --

OH, you mean those doing subtitles. I thought you meant that only four were in this coming Batsu special. Never mind me, just got back from work and my brain is still rebooting.
When is it gonna be aired? I'm so excited!
Great to see we have a team of guys working on the game this year. It is going to get done so much quicker and that is a good thing. I'm sure you guys got it under control and I thank you ahead of time. Those of you who sub for this forum are wonderful and I know I speak for everyone when I say thank you for the countless hours of your own free time you spend.
The Starting Post has been given a New layout with information.

Please enjoy it!
the dream translation team, hope ur next project would be some of lincoln series :lol: :devil:
You are great!
I am waiting. :D
Awesome! I hope the trial episode is the extra footage from last years batsu game! Would be a great warm-up!

Good luck with the project and looking forward to seeing the finished product!
we're all with you guys
lol dere-kun, that brings back funny memories.
What kind of funny memories?... My name was given to me by my first host mom in Japan. She just suddenly decided to start calling me Dere-kun which is like a combo of my name in Katakana and the -kun suffix.

Normally it'd be like De re ku -kun or Dereku-kun

but she combined the two ku's into one to make it Dere-kun... probably just easier to say though...

So yeah... I am curious though as to what memories that brought back or in Japanese 覚え出した!
Gambatte minna-san!!!!
Dere-kun wrote:
*Spazzing out*

So yeah... I am curious though as to what memories that brought back or in Japanese 覚え出した!

I'd just like to acknowledge my last post was extremely spazzy... that is all.
If u need someone to typeset I could help.
Woohoo! I was right :rofl:
Looking forward to it!
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