No-Laughing Hospital Batsu (2007)

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Thank you so much for the subs!!!

Originally posted by lalala
hurm~ im curious about what they are saying in the recap...
anyone can sub that? X(

I guess anyone can, but I think it helps if they know Japanese.

I've noticed the subs are colored on shibatabreads reupload of the hospital batsu. Are those sub files available (I know shadi did part 1 but on the YT videos part 2 is colored as well)


The hospital Batsu was the 1st game that I watched completely, I remember the first time endo fell into that covered hole. I nearly fell off my chair coz I was laughing so hard.

Hi I''m new member here, Thank you so much for the subs :clap:
did u have 1disk sub only?
because i have download just 1disk only~

thank you so much!

Thanks a bunch for this one even though I watched it a while back.

This is such an awesome show! Thanks for the subs!

so i downloaded the No Laughing Hospital game disk 1 and disk 2

and then i downloaded the subtitles from this link

but i only get subs on the first one so how do i get subs on the disk 2 file?

Sadly, there is no subtitles for the second one. I'm just glad we have subtitles for the first one! :D

Sure both DVDs. The filenames are:
gaki no tsukai dvd12 - disc 1.ass
gaki no tsukai dvd12 - disc 2.ass

having trouble with getting the subs and the videos aren't playing, they keep coming up at 0:00. what kind of player should i use and what should i download? so noobish. please help.
35 posts Page 2 of 3

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