Airport Batsu Game - Completed Subtitles FINAL hardsub 5/22

Directory of COMPLETED subtitle files
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So funny! I laughed a lot.
Tomorrow is my birthday so this upload was a great present.
I eagerly wait for the next 30-60 minutes. :)
tnx for the new update but can i request sir that can you upload the partial .ass file of the subs?? will be much appreciated tnx
Can't wait for the 61-90 min now. What is the estimate on when it will be released?
Haha thank you very much, it was already very good till now. :lol:
Thank you so much! Excellent work :clap:
damn, the 2nd part was a major cliffhanger !!
:D :D :D :D
Wow! The subs are moving along nicely. Great work!
u guys are totally bodacious awesome!!!!! :clap: :clap:
Could you please use torrents? I just spent an hour waiting for a download to finish only to get it almost completed and then my browser thought it was the perfect time to crash.
Please use torrents. I don't have to enter captcha, I don't have to keep my browser open, I don't have to wait 30 seconds to wait 2 hours for the download to finish because the hosting website doesn't let me download at max bandwidth (I've got a 100 mbit/s tube). I'll seed until the internet and this planet has been thrown into oblivion. Please. Use. Torrents. Please.
Edit: Thanks for the subs!
I just have to say thanks for your hard work :] it is greatly appreciated
I just would like to say Excellent work to all the subber our there! and Thank you for sparing your precious time for the sake of the non-japanese-speaker-fan-of-batsu-game! Keep up the excellent work subbers! Can't wait till its completed!!! :D
Can you please upload this to dailymotion and/or veoh please?
Awesome so far guys! If you are looking for it though, someone typoed "Matsumoto" about 22:50 in on the second video. Just letting you guys know if you want to get that before a full release is sent out. :)

Also, man, Deluxe rocks. xD
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