As promised : Hospital Batsu colored Subs part 1

Directory of COMPLETED subtitle files

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Awesome. I think 24-hour tag is complete so that may be easy for you to color. I've never delt with subs but when I tried hard subbing the .ass of the hospital one to the .avi video, it was hard. I saw all of the lines spoken, colors put in, placements and styles but you guys, you guys really do a lot.

yup ;), 24 Hour Tag won't take long cause am Only correcting Subs and Coloring them and trust me this time, I adopted a very Nice Color Coding and you guys will all Love it, here is a preview if you wish to see


The thing is which subs are you correcting? Aren't there two versions and two videos? The version I have is a 3.95gb .mkv file with the subs already with it. Hopefully you didn't get stuck with the wrong file but you know what you're doing.

Hmmm tried downloading this before, no luck for me. doesn't like me!

Sorry, you have reached your daily download limit.
Please try again tomorrow or acquire a premium membership.

Running on home ADSL connection, only 3 other users of which I know don't use this site. Use other sites e.g. rapidshare okay too.

Basically I would be very grateful if anyone could upload to any other site or PM me the file? If anyone needs any help PC wise or anything I can provide support even though it seems a lot of you guys are tech savy anyway! Have a MCDST and BSC in computing under me, if you require any advise just throw it my way and id be more than happy to help.

If possible please upload to alternative host! Trying to find out why isn't working :(

Thank you very much :clap:

Shitabreads subs have an error with my MPC. It say "Unknown Style Found, changed to Default." for the colors of Red ,Mustard, and Blue.

super thanks!
hey shadi can you tell me the program you use to sub the videos with please.
kagekaze wrote:
hey shadi can you tell me the program you use to sub the videos with please.

Probably aegisub but please PM for more info.
yup I used both Subtitles Workshop and Aegisub
ShadiHD wrote:
yup I used both Subtitles Workshop and Aegisub

Yeah I've worked with subtitle workshop takes a very long time but aegisub makes your subs come alive.
why i can't watch it :( :( :( :( :(