No-Laughing Newspaper Agency (2008)

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No-Laughing Newspaper Agency ( 2008 )

For the second time around, all five members of the Gaki no Tsukai crew took part in the annual punishment game. This year the setting was chosen as a newspaper agency. The members had to go to a number of mock press conferences dressed as journalists. Endou's ex-wife Chiaki made a guest appearance. In keeping with the theme of the punishment game, giant latex pencils were used to strike anyone who had been declared out.

Length: 03:17:41
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Mirror please.
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How come the text between scenes / narration is not translated?

Dunno, but i wouldn't call this "complete" per se, due to that.

My thoughts exactly. The hospital batsu for example is fully translated.

oooo my God,thank you so much for the subs.You are great! Really apriciated!!! :D :D

Thank you!

thanks for the hard work. hope u can continue to translate more batsu editions.


didnt work for me
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didnt work for me

rename the sub file as same as the video file and if that didn't work try updating ur VLC player

Thank a lot for the hard work !!!!

Originally posted by bertie00
How come the text between scenes / narration is not translated?

Yeah, this is hardly complete...

Thank you very much for this~ ! ^^

Not meaning to cause any problems but I think this should be moved to work in progress?

I know it's mostly complete but some subs are missing, so not really complete. Haunted Hotel and Onsen 1 (hot spring inn 2003) have more complete subs than this but ithey are still "work in progress"?

Or perhaps when a DVD version arrives which contains extra footage, then it will be moved?
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