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No-Laughing Newspaper Agency (2008)

Posted: 02.09.2009, 14:14
by Kanzaki
No-Laughing Newspaper Agency ( 2008 )

For the second time around, all five members of the Gaki no Tsukai crew took part in the annual punishment game. This year the setting was chosen as a newspaper agency. The members had to go to a number of mock press conferences dressed as journalists. Endou's ex-wife Chiaki made a guest appearance. In keeping with the theme of the punishment game, giant latex pencils were used to strike anyone who had been declared out.

Length: 03:17:41
Resolution:Xvid 640x480
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps (Japanese)
Size: 2067MB

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If mirror needed, please ask.

Posted: 08.09.2009, 17:08
by SauRieng
Mirror please.
Thank you

Posted: 08.09.2009, 18:47
by Erhan

Posted: 26.09.2009, 21:30
by bertie00
How come the text between scenes / narration is not translated?

Posted: 27.09.2009, 00:24
by Nukleon
Dunno, but i wouldn't call this "complete" per se, due to that.

Posted: 27.09.2009, 09:03
by bertie00
My thoughts exactly. The hospital batsu for example is fully translated.

Posted: 05.10.2009, 08:52
by inge-kalite
oooo my God,thank you so much for the subs.You are great! Really apriciated!!! :D :D

Posted: 23.10.2009, 02:58
by AkiKousei
Thank you!

Posted: 29.10.2009, 06:16
by lonelygoner
thanks for the hard work. hope u can continue to translate more batsu editions.


Posted: 31.10.2009, 06:17
didnt work for me

Re: :(

Posted: 31.10.2009, 06:38
by Shadi
Originally posted by GFPPM1
didnt work for me

rename the sub file as same as the video file and if that didn't work try updating ur VLC player

Posted: 08.12.2009, 23:22
by Ancel
Thank a lot for the hard work !!!!

Posted: 12.12.2009, 21:02
by mulrich
Originally posted by bertie00
How come the text between scenes / narration is not translated?

Yeah, this is hardly complete...

Posted: 12.12.2009, 21:28
by RiiGaki
Thank you very much for this~ ! ^^

Posted: 02.01.2010, 20:52
by DonMoonie
Not meaning to cause any problems but I think this should be moved to work in progress?

I know it's mostly complete but some subs are missing, so not really complete. Haunted Hotel and Onsen 1 (hot spring inn 2003) have more complete subs than this but ithey are still "work in progress"?

Or perhaps when a DVD version arrives which contains extra footage, then it will be moved?