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dude!!! this is super swt!!!!! thanks a million!!!! =))))))

glad that you liked it :D

Thank you for the good job on the subs.
By the way, VLC player plays .ass subtitles without problem.
"Well, uhh... I was bullied by monkeys in the past..."
∼ Endo Shozo

Great work!

a big thanks for subbing this, is there anyway i can get the Onsen 2 subs?

Hey Shadi great job on your subs.

it's already a while since I've joined this forum but I never really bothered to post messages on it, til now i mostly put messages only on ShibataBread's blog so i just wanted to begin to do it here too and begin to thank all the subbers hard working on Gaki videos like you or Alex, Shibata, HomelessBrian and others. You really give us lot of pleasure and i much appreciate it ^^

Btw i just wanted to tell you something: i don't know if you have already seen it and corrected it but i think you made 1 little mispelling and maybe also little error of traduction in this batsu...

*At 1h:19m when the director Nakamura does an impersonation of Yazawa Eikichi with his "Ari yo Saraba" song, it appears you wrote Eichi instead of Eikichi and the problems repeats each time the name appears.

For exemple:
here's what it looked like at the beginning ->
and here's what i tried to do to correct it ->

*Also i never really understood the "Konya ga Yamada" joke but doesn't the correct translation looks more like "Tonight is crucial" / "Tonight is a crucial night" instead of "Tonight is a mountain" at 1h52m which doesn't make much sense imho ? >

I already modified myself the ass file but i felt like the need to tell you this, also i didn't mean to be rude or something so please excuse me if it looked like that. It's just that i have some notions in Japanese but not enough to translate such a huge project, i'm already lucky enough to learn Japanese since 3 years now.

Anyway even with these 2 little things you've done an amazing work on every of your subs, i don't know if you already think of doing any other Gaki videos but if you do i'll be really looking forward to them. :D

it's ok man, am glad that you pointed out those mistakes, now could you please upload the file so I can add it to page one ?

Yeah of course, here it is:
Glad to be useful.

also i just took a quick look at the sub file now and I just remembered that I also corrected some names such as Yamazaki to Yamasaki (Except when they call him Zaki-san) and Gus into Gasu, hope it doesn't bother you too much.

Edit: Something that i don't understand though and that i've seen during the evolution of batsu games during the years is that they changed the names of the Hayashiya couple, like in this Batsu game which is in 2003 their name is (written or said) Pe / Pe- for the guy and Pahko / Paako for the woman... but in the 2009 Hotel Batsu their names changed to Pee and Mahko.
Anyone knows the reason why ?

thanks for the coloration Shadi...ill go and watch it for the billionth time now :clown:
omae...aho daro?
I already click the link and it was unknown source. Which program I can open with it?
Click and drag the sub file to the video with VLC

Thanks 00Shin. Merci pour ton travail, GnT n'est pas assez connu du côté de la communauté francophone c'est dommage :(
Thanks ShadiHD, it works well with VLC, don't have any problem :D

@Kanzaki: C'est vrai que c'est dommage que GnT ne soit pas très connue, pourtant toutes les personnes à qui je montre des vidéos de la GnT ne peuvent s'empêcher d'apprécier. J'espère que la GnT deviendra plus connue dans un futur proche :)
Thanks alot m8. Now its time to convet an hardsub them.Grab a beer and im off for tonight :)

thanks again:)
Merci Kanzaki, des émissions aussi hilarantes que Gaki no Tsukai avec une équipe pareille méritent d'être connus c'est vrai, en tout cas toutes les personnes à qui je les ai montré ont adoré. ^^

Thanks Kanzaki, hilarious shows like Gaki no Tsukai with such funny people in it deserve to be more famous that's true, at least all the people I've shown the videos loved it. ^^
Thank you very much for the subs
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