Hey there, this is a real longshot, but can we get a group together to make a set of translations specifically for ALL of Kuro-Chan's appearances in Suyobi No Downtown? I think it would be really cool, and it would get a lot of support!

I don't think that there can be *that* many appearances to do for segments that Kuro-Chan has made in Suyobi no Downtown considering, especially since some of the segments like monster house, etc have already been subbed.

Note that I don't mean a "full translation" of every entire Suyobi episode that Kuro-Chan has been in, but JUST any individual *segments* that he features in, and then just to have them collected and indexed on the site in a list for people to watch (like in a sticky, or their own "sub segment" or something), so that anyone can see specifically every *segment* subbed where Kuro-Chan was featured in any episode of Suyobi No Downtown, either as a contestant, a main feature, or in one of the specials.

Maybe enthusiasm for this project could pick up ...! If it does, let's call it "Project Kuro-Chan"!

... Or, maybe it won't ... lol I know that there is a GARGANTUAN amount of work involved in getting these episodes subbed and putting them out (really grateful by the way to everyone in the community involved ^_- )

Either way, "Project Kuro-Chan" or not, can someone here at least just get together list all of the segments that have featured Kuro-Chan in the past in any form on Suyobi No Downtown? That alone would really be a MASSIVE help ...! =O

Could we just get the dates that the episode that had the segment aired, as well as what the "theory" for the segment was called?

It would really be a big help if ANYONE with more knowledge could respond to this =]

Thank you VERY much in advance :)