The Official 2010 Spy School Batsu Viewing Thread

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The I.T. Manager is a mate :lol: If you can get one, I highly recommend it
just a suggestion for the viewing:

how about we stay in 1 JTV channel to watch, but let the broadcaster re-stream from the other available streams that are broadcasting the batsu game? there are a lot of ways to hide your JTV channel from public viewing, like putting a password on the channel, disabling archives, and removing the channel from the directory. and since we have this thread right here, people can easily get the password from the first post.

this way, it's easier to watch it since people only need to stay, and let the broadcaster hop from channel to channel incase they need to watch from another stream.

i might be able to do it, but if it's being streamed on something that blocks the current place i'm in (singapore,) i can't do anything. and it pretty much depends on the internet connection in the hotel, i'm picking up decent speeds right now, but i don't know about tomorrow

of course, we need some kind of 'internal team' to scout for streaming links so the broadcaster can re-stream it directly lol
I'm pretty sure there was more than one stream last year so more than one stream is likely again.
Wow thanks for this info. By the way is it possible when uploaded in HD like 720p full HD is it possible if you guys can upload it in Megaupload or mediashare or fileserve or something? Reason i ask is because i will be heading back to my college so i won't be able to use torrents because my internet back at school is low and set to low and is gonna take days or weeks for me to download the video.
Through megaupload or mediashare it is faster. Thanks. hope you guys upload there.
I added a link - the guy says "spy batsu later on".

Let's just keep it then and see what it gives. We'll try to get the maximum links we can.
7 hours!
7 hours ????

I live in GTM+1(Spain), it should start at 10:30am, and at this moment is 23:44.

am i wrong?
so what is the official plan? jtv would be good... (password)
and i wonder how many times chono will appear! (watch out yamasaki!)
Japan is GMT +9 and it starts 18:30 Japan time.
I'm happy that they are using 16 x 9 cameras this year.
only a few more hours, can't wait. :clap:
I'm so envious for those who can watch this in real time.
Let us know how it is afterward.

A batsu game in realtime,it's worth staying up all night to laugh at a end of the year treat.
nvm XD
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