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What would rate GnT's No Laughing in Spy on a scale from 1-5 1 the worst 5 the best.

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otakusinc wrote:
Haha, I meant that the suits made them look good. =)
Well 'cept for Yama-chan lol.

Yeah it did like gentlemen huh?
Hey guys, um... I just want to know, the part where Endo explain about the girl picture and it showed Yamasaki driving and see Hamada's face, what Gaki episode was that?
It really happened / True story! Beach Ghost Video #1028
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Thanks ziemek8
I think the section with Hamada's doll was the funniest part.
I gave it a 4. strange as..... From all other ppl they hated the skit. I thought it was the best thing ever! and yes, there are those who vote on how the crew react. I do the same, but when they see it played back. In the spy game, you have never heard so much laughter as in the skit from the studio. anyway. I loved the skit. I laught even before the crew did^^ But yes. i gave it a 4. to me the spy room seem'd(cold) I love the hotel,and nurse. But as i thought the same in newspaper.

though. god damn. Yamasaki's face on the tag part and the god damn dive of Hamada doll. AND! Bone0dinner part. I love it. and ofc chono :clap: But remember. 24 hours, 4:15-30 min...... It's not all there:)

-- 10.03.2011, 23:27 --

Btw: as i saw earlyer. the pens. those are from the "spy kit" that they got, but not in the actually aired show. Im just saying. enjoy the "extra" :) 1 month prox^^
Had the best of everything in all the past batsu games all crammed into one epic bastu game. Still,I personally think there should be new stuff in the Batsu games. The material is getting dry.
I must say, Tomochika is quite a cutie, never tought that Kazuo Nishio (lol) look so good on her real appearence.
I didn't find it that funny. For me it will still be Highschool, Police than Hospital which are the best. First 2 hours were quite funny but then the humour got really dry. Probably because I'm an outsider and don't really get all the jokes >.>

They really should remove the scary bits, it isn't funny at all. Like the ending for Highschool (or policeman?) when Hamada (or Matsumoto?) kept turning on that sound as they slept or when Hamada disguised himself as a punisher and beat the crap out of Matsumoto when he laughed...hilarious!
This was the best Batsu Game since the Police Station one probably.
Honestly, I felt their year-end shows got rather stale and thus was not really expecting to be amused this much. The Hotel Employee Batsu Game was rather boring, besides the ingenious "downfall" of
The problem with Hotel Men and to a degree the Newspaper Agency one was that they relied way too much on the cheap "lol, look which celebrity is appearing" laughs, whereas Spy had some really good ideas.
To me it felt as if the Spy Batsu Game was the show where they've perfected the formula.
I won't say this is my favourite Batsu Game of all time, that title belongs to the Pie Hell, but from the long (3+ hours) ones, it's the best one they've done so far.
all batsu games are the best ]:) . i kind of like the ending song, any ideas about its name :rofl:
My favorite character in this Batsu was GIA chief commander who just started screaming at Tanaka :lol: hope to see him in future Batsu games probably the funniest character in Batsu ive seen.

This Batsu game was probably in my top 3 favorites i was hoping to see Matsumoto in Tag game since he wasnt in the 24h Tag but this time he wasnt in because of medical problems hope to see him in tag one day :|
I really liked the spy batsu game, but i guess that after the hospital one they relied too much on celebreties. Of course it is funny, but i get the impression that there are just way too much. My favourite would be the hospital edition, because i think that in the hospital edition they set the focus more no Matsumoto and co.
The ideas of this years batsu were really good, (just need to mention that they brought the tag game back ;D) but i'd really like to see the gaki members hanging around in their breakroom and try to make themselves laugh, that's what cracks me up the most =D
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batsu game spy=the theme is spy :^)

but overall, kinda disappoint me cos there are no spy-related things in it, i'm hoping to see them to go for some kind of undercover, investigation etc, u know spy-related works but sadly none.

however, i did laugh and enjoy this batsu..really like the appearance of Deluxe and Chono, the return of Onigoko, and Muga Tsukaji (love it when her/his brother saw him/her stripin :D )

For me 3/5...

my 2cents: make use of the theme, if not there is no point havin a theme
They gave 3 Disc to tanaka but he's only played 2 of them.
anyone know where i can watch the third one ?

note : sorry for my bad eng
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