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It showed the song in the corner when it started playing. The song is Take Out. I don't know the songwriter/singer though.
It's a parody of the korean group "Shoujou Jidai" (SNSD or Girl's Generation), they change to "Bishoujou Jidai" (which means Beautiful Girl's Generation) I think this is a variation of "Oh !"
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valerossi wrote:
Hi there, anybody know the song that played during The dancers in the all beautiful girls spy unit? Been searching with no clue...

I know that the original song is by girl's generation (bishoujo jidai is the japanese name) here's a link if would like to know more about them http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girls'_Generation , a korean girl group and the song was called " Oh " here's the link to check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGbwL8kSpEk, i have been looking for a japanese version of the song but couldn't find it anywhere , hope i helped much 8)
This list is epic, now I don't have to spend so much time looking up everyone's name with my Kanji Dictionary.
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Tenki wrote:
Thanks for responding my post JordanOcarina. No it's not the rick roll song, it's the japanese song played right when Ritsuko Tanaka hug the guy and it goes all the way till the end of the video.

-- 06.01.2011, 03:02 --

I'm not sure if anyone cares but after some copy/paste as well as the google translate I finally found that 80's song (not the Rick Roll one) which played during the 2nd DVD, a bit proud of myself actually. The link with the info is here http://detail.chiebukuro.yahoo.co.jp/qa ... 1153080061 The name of the band is Carlos Toshiki & Omega Tribe and the song is called "アクアマリンのままでいて (Aquamarine no mamadeite). Here's the youtube vid of the song performing live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9v4Al0AfY8

thx for the info & in return of my thanks here's the lyrics of the song 8)
Carlos Toshiki & Omega Tribe - Aquamarine no mama de ii '88
(Kill me girl with your eyes)
yuubae utsusu beru no sora ni
kie no koro pacific blue
kimi mo machi mo onaji iro dane
tameiki de yureru

Ah! futari chigau michi o aruki hajimeta ne
ano toki kara
omoi dasu to tsurai nette
natsu no hizashi yorimo atsui me o shita

kisu ga umakunaru tabi ni
kimi wa kimi o kizu tsuketeru

doori sugiru otokotachi de
kiramei te yuku hito
semete boku o korosu toki dake
akuamrin no mama de ii

Sad... aidake o shinjite ikite ita goro ni
gin no biasu o kakushita ne
yume ga hikikae ni nokoshita kizusa

amai mitsu o suutabi ni
kimi ga kimi o uragitteku

moshi mo madonna no hohoemi
otoko kara oboetemo
ai wa kimi no ikiru kotaesa
akuamarin no mama de ite

love is you inochi to
ai made moyashita
kageri dasu natsuni good-bye
what should I do for you
than lovin' you so much
The dorama "君の瞳に両想い" is also a parody of 抱きしめたい!(dakishimetai!), a dorama from 1988, that used Aquamarine no mama de ite as opening song, just like the dorama of the batsu game :)



Does anyone know who the dutch chief ( from about 1 hour and 30 minutes) is? I'm trying to find his name. Thanks!
Anyone got a clue of the Take out song from by bishoujo jidai?

It do sounds like SNSD's oh! but the singer's like totally different.
Really like those song thou,it stuck in my head and everytime i wanna listen to it,i have to watch them dancing :whew:

I don't think it's especially made for gaki no tsukai thou but after brainstorming here and there i still have no slightly idea of where i can find the song( the lyrics are more like a parody to me but the chorus just too well made,i think the song should be out there for sure)

I'm sorry for posting in old topic, but it seemed to me that this is the right place for me to ask.

wingslats wrote:
• The (wo)man who works the spy call center and later gets interviewed is none other than former Gaki regular turned artist, Onishi Jimmy.

What I would like to know is who the other two persons are, Jennifer-san and Nancy-san.
Thanks in advance. :bow:

Hey no prob, (all good questions are allowed in the forums lol). Those two girls are probably just random tarento who aren't well known yet. They could possibly be models, but due to how casting happens in Japan...i highly doubt anyone could find out who they are exactly w/o some sort of image based search since they would never end up in the credit reel in the end.
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